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Petty Thievz Return (Tom Petty) with guests Clive & Shelley

29 September 2017 | A$15.00

PETTY THIEVZ -  playing the Tom Petty greats After having such a great time when they last visited us, Petty Thievz are returning to bring the very best of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers back to the Live At London Eleven…

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Ramble Tamble - The Australian Creedence Show

21 October 2017 | A$20.00

Creedence Clearwater Revival and their play list of hit songs have been born again in the body and soul of Melbourne five-piece band, Ramble Tamble – The Australian Creedence Show. Their attention to detail is outstanding and their passion for…

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Flesh For Fantasy - The Billy Idol Show

27 October 2017 | A$15.00 and up

The world's premiere Billy Idol Tribute show. The roots of punk were sown the mid 70’s across America, the U.K and Australia. The likes of The Sex Pistols, The Clash and the Ramones pioneered a culture best summed up by…

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Cobra 45's

10 November 2017 | A$12.00

Cobra 45's are all about playing R&B music - from swinging Chicago blues, 1950's Rock and Roll and jump blues - through to the 60's & 70's blues rock and modern blues. The Cobra 45s are a Melbourne based 6…

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Blackwater - Doobie Brothers & Friends

17 November 2017 | A$17.00

After an awesome night earlier this year, Blackwater will be returning to London Eleven to once again bring us all the hits of the Doobie Brothers and some other fantastic American artists of that era. Last time everyone there had…

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Scarecrow - The Mellencamp Show

18 November 2017 | A$20.00

High energy and great music is what Scarecrow – The Mellencamp Show deliver. Mellencamp fans will be mezmerised at the performance of front man Gary Young as he sings and plays through hit after hit of the 80’s superstar. Scarecrow…

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Rebecca O'Connor as Tina - Simply The Best

16 December 2017 | A$22.00

In the words of Tina Turner ...... "Rebecca is so good it's scary .... If I had her energy I would still be touring today" Hot off the heels of her sell-out European tour, be prepared to be amazed as…